Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 8, 2024

Opening Prayer
Treasurers Report
Discussion/New Events:

  • Father/Daughter Dance, Santa Workshop, Lunch with Santa, Christmas Luncheon – THANK YOU
  • Hot Lunch Subs: If you have a flexible schedule and could be listed as a sub for hot lunch, please let Melanie Howard know.
  • Beautification: Large bill regarding the concession stands. No funds to make happen at this time but will talk with the school and church to see if we can make this happen.
    • Sign for Gym: Parents do not know where the gym is because it is called the Activity Building. Working towards putting up a sign will let visitors know that the AB and gym are the same building.
    • Cleaning Bleachers – possibly this Friday, January 12th after 4:30pm
  • Grandparents Day:
    • 60% had a grandparent attend last year, 40% did not
    • 54% want one grandparents day, 46% want separate days or separate days by alphabet
    • 64% morning/weekend, 36% afternoon or evening
    • 16% have a wheelchair, walker, or cane
    • 36 people who responded don’t have a grandparent but would like to be able to bring someone.
    • The event will be in Spring – the earlier you can get dates out, the better
    • Goal to have a plan, date, and idea to present by the next meeting
  • Storage/Event Space Requests: Need a process for communication. Melanie will meet with JP to create a request form for any time a chair is planning an event to let them know what you need. Working with facilities to create more designated storage space (Snacks for extended day, decorations, etc.)
  • Open House – February 11thKaty Bingle is the Chair of the event. She will be working directly with CK Director of Marketing, Elizabeth LaPan. If you have any ideas please reach out to them. Parents’ Club is responsible for refreshments and décor. Katy to reach out to Liz regarding a slideshow. Need to include sports events, Parents’ Club events, etc. pictures. Suggestion: Separate email address just for emails where people can send in pictures from events with the subject line of the event.
  • Box Tops: Reminder – the Box Tops app has lots of extra offers/incentives right now. The goal is $500 this year!
  • Movie Night: Possibly January 20th and splitting 5th and under and Junior High February 3rd.
  • Skating Party: February 8th at Ohio Skate
  • Donuts with Dads: Checking a date in February
  • Jump into 4th Quarter: Hoping to secure Get Air. To do it we need to have 100 or 150.
  • Uniform Swap: Saturday, January 20.
  • Main Event: Not happening this year.
  • Family Game Night: Hoping to find a date at the end of the year.
  • Mother/Son Event: In the works for this year.
  • 6th Grade Fundraiser: After each mass January 27th and 28th. Bake sale – coffee shop style. Please stop by!