4C & 4R 4RONLY Religion- 12/8 Saint TERESA IS DUE Wednesday.
4C & 4R MATH 12/8 1.XTRAMATH- 2. XP-due Tues. 3.Test is Thursday- addition and subtraction //////////////// SCIENCE 12/8 TEST IS TUESDAY, 12/12. STUDENTS HAVE A STUDY GUIDE. THEY NEED TO STUDY THEIR NOTES AND FLASH CARDS. ////////////////// 4R has Good Behavior Party on Friday, December 15th. They can bring in a snack and drink for themselves.



4C & 4R Language Arts: 12/07 No hormewok
4C & 4r Reading: 12/07 No homework.



4C & 4r Social Studies:- 12/07 No homework. =============4C will have a "Good Behavior" party on Friday, Dec. 15th. They can bring a drink of their choice. The party is a "Dip-It " party. They should bring in a snack they can dip into something. Ex: pretzels in hummus, chips in dip, graham crackers into frosting.