Performing Arts

Miss Lisa Maxon, the dynamic director of the performing arts program at Christ the King School, has been a beacon of inspiration for her students. With her extensive background in theater and a passion for nurturing young talent, she has transformed the program into a thriving hub of
creativity and excellence. Under her guidance, and with the assistance of Mrs. Mandy Harman,
students not only learn the technical skills of performing arts but also develop confidence,
teamwork, and a love for the stage.

A Night on Broadway 2024

At Christ the King School, the excitement was palpable as students immersed themselves in rehearsals for their second musical, “A Night on Broadway.”  Their dedication was evident as they worked tirelessly on perfecting their roles, harmonizing their voices, and mastering intricate dance routines. The energy and enthusiasm they brought to every session were infectious, making it clear that this production was more than just a performance—it was a celebration of their talent and hard work.

We’re excited to share the video of “A Night on Broadway,” CK’s 2024 Spring Musical. Your $10 purchase will provide you with a
link to both download and stream the video. Our amazing videographer, Zack Howard, donated his time and talents to create this professional-level keepsake. Out of respect for his efforts and those of everyone involved in this project, we ask that you please refrain from sharing this link with anyone outside of your immediate family. All proceeds from video sales will go towards future musical productions at Christ the King School.

Our Talented Performers in Action