Summer Enrichment Program

Christ the King Middle School

Christ the King School offers a unique summer enrichment opportunity for middle school students. Earn JEANS PASSES by completing various IXL assignments.


  • Please use these pages to select which IXL activities your student will complete (students will complete assignments that are at the grade level they just finished, see bottom)
  • For every 2 IXL assignments completed, a student will earn 1 jeans pass
  • To earn ALL 8 jeans passes, a student must complete a total of 16 IXL assignments- 8 in math and 8 in language arts
  • For each assignment to be considered complete, a student must earn a smart score of 90-100
  • All assignments must be finished by August 1st to be considered for the jeans passes
  • If you have any questions during the summer, please contact the school’s main office, and they will be able to direct you

    This is an optional summer enrichment program and is intended for students to practice skills they will need going into the next grade level.